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Numen | Brasilia Architecture Office | find out more about our work

Architecture Office Brasilia - DF - which creates Inspiring Residences,

accompanying you both from start to finish.

Who are we?

Poetic inspiration .

Architectural office in Brasília - DF - that values unique, surprising and dynamic residences, seeking striking architecture that adapts to the personality of each client, transforming their spaces into practical and pleasant environments, enriching their lives.

Our visual identity is marked by the word Numen , from Latin, which means poetic inspiration.

Your uniqueness is our starting point.

We understand that the architecture of a home goes beyond simply providing shelter; it must guarantee the uniqueness of a family, reflect its values and meet its needs, creating a meaningful and welcoming place.

Without aesthetics, we cannot express the characteristics that make us unique, and without functionality, we lose the essence of home.

It is through singularity that beauty and function intertwine to create truly harmonious spaces.

 Casal Numen Arquitetura, from architecture office Brasilia

 Casal Numen Arquitetura

From couple to couple.

As a couple of architects specializing in high-end architecture, we have a unique understanding of the dynamics involved in creating a home. We put ourselves in the shoes of couples who are planning their homes, deeply understanding their needs and desires.

This empathy allows us to create projects that not only meet functional and aesthetic requirements, but also reflect the essence and harmony of the relationship of each couple and their family. We are committed to transforming these dynamics into spaces that enrich your daily lives, providing comfort, beauty and functionality in accordance with the highest standards of quality and elegance of high-end architecture.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Planum, by: Numen Arquitetura

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Inspiring Residences.

We plan homes that transcend the ordinary, that are truly inspiring. Each project is an opportunity to create something unique that not only shelters but also uplifts the spirit and stimulates the imagination.

By delving into the nuances of a couple's dynamics, we understand the importance of each detail in the planning process. From the layout of the rooms to the selection of materials, we seek to capture the essence and individuality of each client. Our goal is to create spaces that not only reflect their personalities, but also inspire them to live a full, meaningful life in their new home.

We believe that a well-designed home can be a source of daily inspiration, a refuge that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. That's why we dedicate our talent and passion to turning dreams into reality, creating homes that delight, surprise and inspire.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Du Charme, by: Numen Arquitetura

Project Management is Essential.

We offer comprehensive services in residential architecture, providing complete projects that range from conception to the realization of your dream home.

Our team has extensive experience in process and project management, a fundamental characteristic in a high-standard project, to ensure that each stage of your project is coordinated efficiently and professionally.

how an architecture project works Numen Arquitetura, from architecture office brasilia

From initial planning to final execution, we are here to guide you and ensure all decisions are made based on your needs and vision for the space.

Furthermore, we offer detailed monitoring of the work, ensuring that the project is implemented as planned and within the established deadlines. We are present at the construction site to supervise progress, resolve any challenges that may arise and ensure the final quality of your future home, in its various aspects.

We will be together from start to finish, creating and realizing a home that reflects your unique personality, lifestyle and needs.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Du Charme, by: Numen Arquitetura

Home is a place for adventures.

Our purpose is to see from other angles, exploring new perspectives and possibilities for each project we undertake.

We believe that by challenging the conventional limits of architecture, we can create true adventures in every space we design.

 High standard house chalet cabin style project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Crooked House, by: Numen Arquitetura

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Beauty matters.

We seek to continually raise the quality of our work, going beyond the simply functional to achieve a level of excellence that inspires and delights. We are constantly striving for perfection, refining every detail to ensure our projects reach high standards.

Because for us, beauty is not just a matter of aesthetics, with an end in itself, but rather a transformative force that can enrich and elevate people's lives.

We believe in the power of beauty to inspire, connect and transform, which is why we are dedicated to creating spaces that not only please the eye, but also touch the soul and enrich the human experience.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Acqua, by: Numen Arquitetura

A complete approach:

Our comprehensive approach to each project is based on the harmonious integration of different areas of expertise, ensuring fluid and cohesive execution at every stage of the process.

In the initial phase, our architecture team works to create a global vision of the project, considering not only aesthetics, but also functionality and integration with the surrounding environment. We develop architectural concepts that capture the essence of the space and meet the client's specific needs.

Because, for us, the concept of architecture is a global look at the project and its future resident, covering the different aspects.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Acqua, by: Numen Arquitetura

Complete project:

The lighting aspect is carefully planned to enhance the atmosphere and highlight the architectural elements, creating engaging and welcoming environments. Our team works to integrate lighting solutions that complement and enhance the overall design.

With regard to interiors, our focus is on creating projects that enhance spaces in general, paying attention to the experience in each environment, provided by the architecture itself, combining comfort, style and functionality. From the selection of materials and furniture to the details, our projects reflect the client's personality and lifestyle.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, cantilevered house, by architecture office Brasilia

Casa Avanzzo, by: Numen Arquitetura

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Management and Support:

Efficient project management is essential to ensure that all stages are coordinated effectively and that deadlines are met. Our team works closely with clients and all professionals involved to ensure a smooth experience.

Additionally, we offer landscaping consultancy services to harmoniously integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a seamless connection with nature and enhancing the experience of the built environment.

Finally, we have professionals specialized in complementary projects, such as structures, electrical and hydraulic installations, ensuring that all technical aspects of the project are carefully planned and executed to meet your high quality and safety standards.

cyrela project, award-winning project, luxury pool project, Numen Arquitetura, from Brasilia architecture office

Maison Cyrela Swimming Pool, by: Numen Arquitetura

Recognition Trajectory

With a solid track record of customer satisfaction, we have served dozens of couples throughout our history, helping them realize their dreams of having a home that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

During this time, we deliver unique home projects adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our personalized approach ensures that each home is a true reflection of our clients' desires and aspirations.

We are proud to have one of our projects recognized with a luxury pool award, granted by the giant Cyrela , highlighting our commitment to excellence in residential architecture.

This recognition is a testament to our talent and dedication to creating increasingly exceptional spaces.

Furthermore, we were honored to see one of our projects published, sharing our vision and inspiring other architecture professionals and enthusiasts.

 High standard house project Numen Arquitetura, house with wooden panels on the facade, from Brasilia architecture office

Casa Welzel, by: Numen Arquitetura

But... The most important thing is the recognition from our customers and partners, which drives our daily work, motivating us to constantly seek excellence and exceed expectations. Every smile, every word of appreciation and every recommendation we receive are true rewards that we deeply value.

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All of this demonstrates our impact on the architectural landscape and our ability to guide our clients to results that capture the imagination

and inspire.

Let's get inspired together?!

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